“Truth? Lies? Satire? What’s the difference?”

Fantastic Four Movie To Introduce Forbush Man

Boston Blackie Punned Down

The Most Fast-Forwarded Movie Scenes

Woman Wears Clothing! See The Pics!

Detroit Lions Win Super Bowl In An Alternate Universe

The Ending of The Bible, Explained

Tesla Recalls Your Car

Today’s Suggested Password: “BananaSuitcaseDinosaur”

Pictures Of Toast Leave Fans In Awe

The 25 Best Words In The English Language, Ranked In Order

Nobodies Who Died Last Year And We Really Don’t Care

Taylor Swift Dumps Travis Kelce Following Raiders 20—14 Victory Over Chiefs

Fan Art Looks A Fucking Sight Better Than The Actual Movie

President Biden Pardons Turkeys; Donald Trump Not Included

Wonder Woman Wears Daring Outfit, Forgets Jet Is Invisible

New Mexico Passes Emigration Law: If You Can’t Prove You Live Outside the State, You Can’t Leave New Mexico

Little Known Fact: Jude Law appeared in the first episode of Thunderbirds in 1965.

Jude Law in Thunderbirds

THIS MONTH IN HISTORY: April 1860: PonEx Begins Mail Delivery Between St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California

Adobe Takes Flash Ball and Goes Home

Airlines Kiss Ash Goodbye; European Flights Resume

Invasion of Earth is Go After Martians Trigger Eruption of Volcano in Iceland

Atlanteans Walk Away from Underwater Mortgage

Sarah Palin’s Mouth Sues for Divorce: “I Will No Longer Be Manipulated!” It Says.

Terrorists Sulking Over Iceland Volcano Ash: “It’s Doing More Than We Could!”

Chatroulette “Makes Thing Interesting” By Adding Double-Zero

Old Home Cafe to Re-Open in Hayden, Iowa

Tetley Lipton Running as Tea Party Candidate for President

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