“Truth? Lies? Satire? What’s the difference?”

Fan Art Looks A Fucking Sight Better Than The Actual Movie

President Biden Pardons Turkeys; Donald Trump Not Included

Wonder Woman Wears Daring Outfit, Forgets Jet Is Invisible

New Mexico Passes Emigration Law: If You Can’t Prove You Live Outside the State, You Can’t Leave New Mexico

Little Known Fact: Jude Law appeared in the first episode of Thunderbirds in 1965.

Jude Law in Thunderbirds

THIS MONTH IN HISTORY: April 1860: PonEx Begins Mail Delivery Between St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California

Adobe Takes Flash Ball and Goes Home

Airlines Kiss Ash Goodbye; European Flights Resume

Invasion of Earth is Go After Martians Trigger Eruption of Volcano in Iceland

Atlanteans Walk Away from Underwater Mortgage

Sarah Palin’s Mouth Sues for Divorce: “I Will No Longer Be Manipulated!” It Says.

Terrorists Sulking Over Iceland Volcano Ash: “It’s Doing More Than We Could!”

Chatroulette “Makes Thing Interesting” By Adding Double-Zero

Old Home Cafe to Re-Open in Hayden, Iowa

Tetley Lipton Running as Tea Party Candidate for President

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Last modified 2023-11-22