“Truth? Lies? Satire? What’s the difference?”

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Republicans Sued For Breach of Contract With America

Madonna Stalks Another Orphan

Fire At CNN News Factory Forces “The Most Trusted Name In News” To Report Actual News

This Day In History: August 4, 1961:
Barack Obama Is Not Born In United States

FEATURE: 13 Stupidest Entertainment Weekly Lists

House Democrats Introduce Resolution to Fund Research Into Blue Dog Disease

God Creates Sudden Storm to Save Canadians from Kevin Costner Performance

Experts Puzzled by Puzzled Experts

Yahoo Mouse Trapped By Microsoft Cat; Slow Death Expected

Nostradamus Predicted Palin Resignation

Internet Mind Control Now Reaches 65% of Nation

President Announces New Era of Co-operation with Vice President

Florence Capp Acquitted of Husband’s Murder; Pled “Justifiable Insanity”

Author Hits Writer’s Block While Texting

This Day In History: July 20, 1969:
Moon People Greet Astronauts as Liberators

Pathetic Loser Drops Another Five Bucks on Lottery

Madonna Kills 2, Injures 10

Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy Led by Minions of Xenu

Australia Releases Gold Koala Into U.S.;
North American Eucalyptus Crop Threatened

Windmill Surrenders to Don Quixote

Contract Issues Delay Michael Jackson Resurrection

Armed Gunman Robs Local Library of 30,000 Books

Last Tweet From Missing Canary: “I Taw a Putty Tat”

Super-absorbant Diapers Recalled After Minnesota Lake Mysteriously Disappears

Child’s Knee Is Infected While Mom Twirls Neosporin® Sprayer

Michael Jackson Still Dead

Company That Isn’t Apple Inc. Announces Apple Inc. Product Killer

Jon & Kate Plan to Sell Kids, Then Divorce

Infant Held in Senior Citizen’s Death

Adobe Releases Flash for Newsprint

McDonalds Welcomes New Employees from the Class of 2009

Paramount and Universal Team Together for
Blockbuster Remake of “Birth of a Nation”

General Motors Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy;
Demoted to “Major Motors”

“The Onion” Revealed as Sole Source for Google News

Canada Politely Requests to Invade United States

ABC Announces New Reality Show for Summer 2009:
“Who Wants To Be a Associate Justice of the Supreme Court?”

Swine Flu Putting On Airs: “Call Me H1N1 Influenza A”

Alien Parasite Has Disguised Itself as Hair on the Head
of Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevitch

FOX News Causes Earthquake in Mexico City;
Claims Retribution for Swine Flu Crossing U.S. Border

Congresscritter Denies Dumb-doing

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