“Truth? Lies? Satire? What’s the difference?”

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Alan Moore Sues To Have His Name Removed From Himself

Virgin Gorda Loses 60 Pounds On Jenny Craig Diet

Canada Demands Worldwide Royalties On The Use of “Eh”

FOX Pre-cancels Critically-Acclaimed Shows Before Fall Premieres


God Indicted, Charged With Abandoment of Human Race

Entrepreneurial Tornado Flips Houses

United States Postal Service To Encourage Mail Use With New “Go Postal!” Campaign

Chief of Detectives Amos Burke Vows To Investigate “Who Killed the King of Pop?”

Glenn Beck Calls Kettle Black

TODAY Show Wears Shorts; Nation Dismayed By Fashion Faux Pas

Obama To Rename DHS as ‘Department of Fatherland Security’

FOX NEWS: Makes Whites Whiter!

Bullet Fired at Dick Tracy; Expected to Strike Nearby Wall in Six Days

Scotland Offers Free Terrorist: Inquire Within

86-Year-Old Man Claims That Peer Pressure Led Him To Drink

Polls Show Confidence In Polls Declining

Nation Remembers That Joe Biden Is Vice President

Twitter Attacked, And I Don’t Give a Flying F**k

Hero Cheats Death; Death Sues For Compensation

Entire Cast of “Funky Winkerbean” Dies When Tour Bus Driver Ed Crankshaft Suffers Heart Attack

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