“Truth? Lies? Satire? What’s the difference?”

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CBS Expands Its Forensic Crime Dynasty With “NCIS: CSI: The Alley Behind The East Side Of The 4100 Block Of North Robey Avenue, Chicago”

Arithmetic Mistake Found On Mayan Calendar; World Already Ended In 2008

Jon Gosselin Trapped On Uncontrollable Helium Balloon With Ghost Of Michael Jackson

ABC Moves All Programs To Friday Night; Network Expected To Cancel Itself By Februrary

UFO Terrorizes Colorado, Crashes; Aliens Escape

Apple, Inc. Sues God: Claims Apple In Garden of Eden Too Similar To Apple Logo

32 Die Virtually When 13-Year-Old Poorly Designs “Sum of All Thrills” Coaster at EPCOT

FINAL SCORE: Jackson 5, Timbuk3

Mac OS X Code Name Leaked: 11.0 To Be Called “Kzinti”

Shamed By Letterman Revelations, CBS Shuts Down Network

“Dick Tracy” Plot Advances; Readers Stunned

Microsoft Hopes Windows 7 Will Help You Forget About Microsoft

Brenda Starr Loses “Starry Eyes” After Unfortunate Cosmetic Surgery

Annie Warbucks Arrested For Truancy

CNN Offering 43 Cents Per Story For Fake News

Report Blames Federal Reserve Bank For 401(K) Deaths

Corn Found In Marijuana Field

Chicago City Council Passes Ordinance Banning Lumber Sales To Minors

Tim Gunn Considering Strategy Shift In Fashion War

Apple Sues Body Snatchers “Pods” For Trademark Infringement

Tea Party Organizes Spontaneous Fox News Broadcast

Kanye West Continues To Annoy Taylor Swift With Apologies; Swift Seeks Restraining Order

Kanye West To MTV Awards: “You Lie!”

CNN Reports War Declared On Iran; White House Says “Wha?!”

Conservatives Have Egg On Face After Obama Speech To Schoolkids; Liberals Donate Bacon

FUTURE NEWS: September 1, 2025: Oprah Shuts Down Moon Base for Season Premiere

GOP: Only Socialists Attend School; Real Americans Drop Out

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Last modified 2015-06-27