“Truth? Lies? Satire? What’s the difference?”

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Republicans Flee from Death Panel Enforcers

GOP Response To Passage of Health Care Bill: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Canada Proposes Ear Levy: All Canadians To Pay $CN100,000 At Birth To Offset Accidental Listening To Copyrighted Music

National Public Radio Broadcaster Dies In Bizarre Pledge Week Accident

Shark Jumps Glenn Beck

GOP Supports Free Abortions For Illegal Immigrants

National Association for the Advancement of Cetacean People Supports California Restaurant That Defied “No Whales Served” Law

Image of Mohammed Seen In Grilled Pork Chop

Glenn Beck: Anti-Christian? Or THE Anti-Christ?

Glenn Beck Claims “God Is Un-American”

Daylight Stupidity Time To Occur At 2:00 AM Sunday, March 14

TV REVIEW: “Glenn Beck Goodtime Show” An Entertaining Waste Of An Hour

Lindsay® Lohan: “I’m a Milk-aholic!”

God Commands Kansas City School Board To Close 26 School Districts

Canadians Saved Sarah Palin’s Life!

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: March 8, 1983: One Million Die During Denny’s Grand Slam Famine; One Million More Emigrate To IHOP

Potential Customer Circling Wal-mart Parking Lot, Looking For Closest Space

How Many Republicans Die For Lack Of Health Care?

God Compares Self To Sarah Palin

NBC Cuts Away from Live Broadcast of World Apocalypse to Show “Heidi”

News Media Disappointed at Lack of Tsunami Destruction in Hawaii

Viewers Demand Term Limits for Late Night Talk Show Hosts

Hot Dog Industry Calls For Redesign of Human Beings To Prevent Choking

THE WAYBACK MACHINE: September 2, 1945: New York Times Announces End of World War II; Newsreel Viewers Rage Against the Spoiler

Board Of Education Institutes Zero-Intelligence Standard For Teacher Hiring

Third-Graders Arrested For Playing Hangman Word Game

Airport Body Scanners Give You That Healthy Travelers’ Glow

Millions Of Barbies® To Donate Hair As Wigs For Chemotherapy Patients

Kevin Smith To Star As “Son of Fat Bastard” In Next Austin Powers Movie

FDA To Require Warning Signs At Food Stores,
Alerting Nut-Intolerant Shoppers To Presence Of Peanut Butter Aisle

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Last modified 2015-06-27