“Truth? Lies? Satire? What’s the difference?”

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Act of God Damages Anti-God Billboard in Florida

Houses of Congress Underwater; Owners Threaten to Walk Away from Mortgage

McDonalds To Add 50 Cent “Seat Fee” For All Customers Who Eat Inside

Duchess of Cornwall Breaks Leg, Will Be Euthanized

God Sues Magrathea for Patent Infringement

BOOK REVIEW: “Serial Killing for Dummies”

ADVERTISEMENT: Free Chicken for All Hobos, at the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson!

Exorcism of Glenn Beck Fails

New U.S. Copyright Law Mandates Per-Page Reading Fee for All Books and Magazines

3 Pedestrians, 2 Clowns Injured in Street Mime Explosion

17-Year-Old High School Student Killed in Texting-and-Driving Accident: “He Died Doing What He Loved,” Says Mother

FEATURE: Bensenville: Illinois’ Ghost Town

O’Hare Airport Expansion Continues; Joliet Faces Demolition

Spirit Airlines To Charge 50% More Per Seat If Woman Passenger Is Pregnant

Statue of Dick Tracy To Be Installed in Naperville, Illinois; Expected to Move More Quickly Than Plot of Newspaper Comic

Vatican Announces iHeaven; Catholics Queuing for Rapture

Golfer’s Wife Charged with Hate Crime for Attacking Black Man

Bachelor of Science Graduates Roundly Ignored as Tattooed College Moron Goes Pro

Topless Support Demonstration in Portland, Maine Used as Cover for Filming of Erykah Badu Music Video

OPINION: I Won’t Believe That “American” Is a Cheese Until I See a Wheel of It

Tea Party Claims “2010 Census is America’s Domesday Book”

Windows Tool Disses iPad

UK Closed All Day on Saturday for Doctor Who Broadcast

ASK THE DOCTOR: What’s the Best Treatment for Herculoids?

Mother Nature Arrested, Charged with Genocide in Haiti Hurricane Deaths

Disney Bus Sends 10-Year-Old Boy to “The Happiest Place Not on Earth”

April Fools’ Day Cancelled Due to Lack of Irony

Newborn Infant Finds That Life Doesn’t Live Up to the Hype

Spacecraft Advised to Avoid Earth During Hyperspace Bypass Construction

School District Bans the English Language; Claims That “It Contains Inappropriate Words”

Mysterious Mystery Mystifies Baffled Experts

Obama Makes Zero-Day Appointments

Ricky Martin Is Shocked That He’s Gay

Mobster Found Swimming in Pool of Blood Sets New Record for 200 Meter Freestyle

DOD Develops Weaponized Pork

Project Stargate Seizes Hot Tub Time Machine

Jesse James Calls Tiger Woods for Advice

Man Puts a Ring on It: EMTs Use Bolt Cutters to Remove Ring from It

OPINION: Dear 3D Movie Makers: I Won’t Watch Your Movie

Sarah Palin, Reality TV Star: Her New Show to Run for Two-and-a-half Years

John McCain Unveils New GOP Slogan: “Republicans First, Country Second”

Wikipedia Offline; Interwebbers Forced to Read Books

Man Eschews Technology, Finds Happiness

Consumer Products Safety Commission Orders Recall of One Million Baby Catapults

Hawaii Calls for Federal Regulation of Too-Hot Lava

United Earth Government Forces Google to Remove Earth from Google Solar System; UE Claims Security Concerns

Norton Ranks Best Cities for Computer Virus Fearmongering

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